SNS-Center in Cairo Egypt, is a branch of United Communications Group Company Limited, established in Tokyo Japan 17 years ago.
Through the years UCG has provided magnificent language learning service to Japanese people. It has also provided enormous real estate assistance to foreign students in Japan.
Renting an apartment in Japan as a foreigner has never been easy considering the red tape one has to go through to reach an agreement with the landlord.
UCG has made the process convenient and stress-free by acting as go-between. Making the transaction flow for both tenant-to-be and landlord smoother and easier. The time-consuming and budget-consuming real estate problems for foreign students in Japan both became less consuming with the system that UCG created. On top of the efficient service as go-between, UCG came with the idea of fully furnishing every unit that every tenant did not have to worry about the extra expenses on furniture and household appliances. After almost two decades serving foreigners in Japan, UCG has launched the same service available to everyone who is planning to study in Egypt.
SNS-Center promises an efficient Japanese-oriented kind of service – “The Customer Is Always Right”. On-time and professional service guaranteed.
SNS-Center provides assistance to those who are planning to study at the school of their choice in Egypt. Our service covers school application assistance, which gives you the chance to free yourself from complicated procedures in studying abroad. Guaranteed satisfaction for your needs, whether social or academic necessity.
SNS-Center experts will provide smooth flow with your application, will prepare convenient location to live the whole duration of your studies, and will make your stay in a foreign land like a home away from home. SNS-Center will be with you side by side. No matter how big your demand is, Student Network Service Center always looks forward to provide customized service for your needs.

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